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Dear member,

WikiAlbums is a free photo sharing site and has been operating on donations since its inception. We currently provide this service to people in more than 185 countries around the world.

We are and continue to be a free photo sharing site, but in order to keep up with the demand and storage required to meet your needs, we have decided to introduce plans where you can choose the amount of storage that's right for you.

Please note these are one-time fees only. These are not charged monthly or yearly; you pay once and receive the storage forever.

For example, say you want to start off with the Free Plan, that's great! You start uploading photos and eventually discover you reached the max 1GB of space. You then upgrade to 2.5GB and pay the $4.99 fee. You're uploading more photos and again reach the max. You upgrade to 5GB and pay the $9.99 fee and so and so on. You may choose to continue this way or purchase a bigger plan to start with, for example, 25GB and pay only $49.99. By doing this, you've skipped over the previous steps and saved $64.96! Take a look then choose which option is best for you.

To ensure your payment it fully processed, please wait until PayPal® redirects back to WikiAlbums.

Plan Est. # of Pictures One-Time Upgrade Fee Start & Save! Pay with PayPal®
1GB 5,250 FREE! - -
2.5GB 13,000 $4.99 CAD - Yes
most popular
26,000 $9.99 CAD $4.99 CAD Yes
10GB 52,250 $19.99 CAD $14.98 CAD Yes
15GB 78,500 $29.99 CAD $34.97 CAD Yes
25GB 132,500 $49.99 CAD $64.96 CAD Yes
50GB 265,000 $99.99 CAD $114.95 CAD Yes
75GB 395,500 $149.99 CAD $214.94 CAD Yes
125GB 655,500 $249.99 CAD $364.93 CAD Yes
250GB 1,350,000 $499.99 CAD $614.92 CAD Yes

Remove all ads

For only $1.99/year, you and your visitors will not see any advertisement on your albums.

Upgrade Purchase Fee Pay with PayPal®
Ad-Free $1.99 Go Ad-Free!

Please note, when you make a payment, "PayPal *WIKIALBUMS" will appear on your bill and a receipt will be emailed once the transaction is processed. PayPal® accepts most major credit cards. Your credit card information is secure and will not be disclosed to WikiAlbums or any other third party.

We truly appreciate your support.

WikiAlbums Team

* all rates are in Canadian Dollar

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